Pauls Trim
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The only low fat milk with the
extra goodness of vitamins A & D.

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50 / 31 Reviews

Rebecca   Morphett Vale | SA

"I love Trim. My fiancé has IBS and Trim is one of only a handful he can drink. I buy Trim because he says that out of the few he can, he prefers to drink Trim as it tastes the best."

4 month ago


"YUMMY!!Tastes great & loads of variety (low & non fat,full cream)."

6 month ago


"Havnt tried milk it sounds perfect for me. I jumped from full cream milk to.skim didnt like skim to bigger jump. Pauls sounds somewhere in the middle with high sourco of vitamins but still has the creamy flavour and is reasonly prriced love to try! Hel"

11 month ago

Maria   Croydon Pk. | SA

"i drink only full cream milk. it's happened, that i've been in my friend place and she has given me a paul's trim milk. and i've got to love this! it's taste like full cream milk ! superb!!! i'm convert now!"

11 month ago

Susan   Christies Beach | SA

"I've tried the yoghurt, and loved it - will look for the milk, hope it tastes as creamy as the yoghurt."

11 month ago

donna   burra | SA

"I loved it its as tasty and as creamy as full cream but I have the added happiness that it is good for my family "

11 month ago

kerry   blair athol | SA


11 month ago


"I never tried this milk until very recently and was surprised and impressed by the taste"

11 month ago

Denise   Huntfield Heights | SA

"When hubby brought a different milk home, I was unimpressed with him. Then I tried it and loved it. I'm a convert!"

11 month ago

yvette   angaston | SA

"i have not tried the product but would like to"

11 month ago

susan   hampden | SA

"l love the taste!! it's even better chilled with banana quik"

11 month ago

sue   Mawson Lakes | SA

"I use this milk frequently and like the taste."

11 month ago

Patricia   Glenelg South | SA

"I will try ,especially knowing there is the added vitamins "

11 month ago

Diane   Sheidow Park | SA

"It's good to know you get the added benefits of Vitamins A & D in a Low Fat Milk. Definitely one to try."

11 month ago

stefanie   blakeview | SA

"have never tried and tested this product as I am lactose intolerant"

11 month ago


"I like how this product is made in South Australia But I do not think that milk fat is harmful to our health. I think sugar makes us overweight."

11 month ago

Julie   Myrtle Bank | SA

"Always nice to have something that is good for you & healthy. Vitamins that one needs for health & welfare."

11 month ago

Jane   Whyalla Norrie | SA

"A and D vitamins are very important for everyone but I really need anything that helps bones as I have Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. I will definitely give it a try because every little thing helps.Cheers, Jane"

11 month ago

Tanya   Tranmere | SA

"Tried and more than happy with Paul's Trim Milk. It's good to support a local product whilst choosing healthy too!"

11 month ago

jo   roxby downs | SA

"great SA people can have low fat milk with all the extras"

11 month ago


"I havent tried it what is the price it sounds greaat"

11 month ago

Gerard   Largs North | SA

"Another great South Aussie product. It looks great."

11 month ago

Marg   Morphett Vale | SA

"I hadn't thought about that, but it makes sense that more than fat is removed."

11 month ago

Rosemary   Northgate | SA

"How much salt does it have in it??Some of the other brands advertise their milk as Lite and the only difference is the amount of salt??"

11 month ago

Micaela   Nairne | SA

"It is so good to have something locally made in SA that is low fat and still has vitamins, something i learned just now, so will be putting this in my trolley next visit"

11 month ago

Lindi   Devon Park | SA

"I am Lactose intolerant so can't comment on this milk but one of pauls other milk products zymills for lactose intolerant is absolutely brilliant, for me whose was a really big full cream milk drinker even the creamer traditional milk my fav. to find I could no longer drink milk was devasting 4 years later discovered zymill's so am a very happy little camper again keep up the good work pauls...!!!!!"

11 month ago

Rose   Hillbank | SA

"I like this milk, and knowing it has the extra vitamins is piece mind. I am also glad it is made right here in SA!"

11 month ago

Jayne   Lower Mitcham | SA

"I am happy to try the milk now that I have more information about its benefits."

11 month ago

Helen   Kapunda | SA

"Hi Doreen, trim comes in the 2lt, 1lt and a 600ml :-)"

11 month ago
In Reply To
Aldinga Beach | SA

I would like to try the milk but would only buy it if was in a smaller container as I live on my own

30 Jul 14

Allison   Salisbury North | SA

"looks to be delicious, the added vitamin A is good. Will definitely try."

11 month ago

Doreen   Aldinga Beach | SA

"I would like to try the milk but would only buy it if was in a smaller container as I live on my own"

11 month ago