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You know your dog is happiest when itís at its healthiest. So make sure they get the right nutrition from their food by feeding them OPTIMUM.

We all want to make sure that our dog is leading a happy, healthy life. To achieve this, the food you feed them is crucial. Hereís why well-known and respected vet Dr Chris Brown recommends OPTIMUM.

Developed using proven science
OPTIMUM has been developed using proven science, based on years of pet health research developed by the worldís leading vets. So you know that youíre giving your dog tailored nutrition that is specially formulated to allow them to be at their happiest and healthiest.

Made with only quality ingredients
OPTIMUM uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure your dog receives the perfect nutritional balance, and that it tastes great too.

The best you can buy in the supermarket
Because OPTIMUM has been developed using proven science and with high quality ingredients, it is a nutritionally superior product. They guarantee it. Thatís why it is the best you can buy in the supermarket, delivering real benefits to the health of your dog.

Let your dog show their full potential
We love seeing dogs full of energy and leading a happy, healthy life. So let your dog show their full potential by feeding them OPTIMUM every day.

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48 / 48 Reviews
munno para west | SA

my dog Chicko would like these biscuits hopefully you would have a free sample thanks

8 day ago

Penrith South | NSW

My dog would very must like to try if you have a sample please.

19 day ago

Morphett Vale | SA

I have a Jack Russell and am not sure his current biscuits are right for him. I would like to trial Optimum please?

22 day ago

Mill Park | VIC

I have a dog who would like to try a new product

26 day ago


I have a new Lab Puppy, I would be interested in trying this product. The fact that they show a popular Vet Ambassador makes it enticing to me.

29 day ago

Botany | NSW

I have a little dog 14months old very fussy little thing ,so I would like to try optimum dog food.thank you .

29 day ago


My dog is very active, and it`s important that she gets a diet full of all the essential nutrients she needs, derived from high quality ingredients. I haven`t tried Optimum dog food but I would be interested to see what benefits my dog sees from these products.

30 day ago  1 Likes

Arundel GoldCoast | QLD

Would love to try these on my poodle as he is the fussiest little guy , and hard to find things to feed him. Optimum may be my answer.

2 month ago  1 Likes

Jannali | NSW

My two Pugaliers started on Optimum puppy have progressed to adult and are now currently eating light and mature (pugs are known to get fat). Why i chose to buy Optimum was because it is one of the highest in protein on the market.

2 month ago  1 Likes

Gracemere | QLD

Would love a sample as my 2 little 1 year old Maltese`s girls are to fussy am sick of buying pks and having to give them to someone else cause they don`t eat them

2 month ago

Cunnamulla | QLD

I have a Husky and he loves it but as a pensioner I find it a bit too expensive for me for me but I buy it sometimes as a treat for my Husky.

3 month ago  1 Likes

Sheidow Park | SA

I have a beautiful Maltese who is fussy when it comes to dry food and I have tried other brands that he has not liked and have had to give the goods away so I would be interested in sampling Optimum as have heard a lot about it

3 month ago

Portland | VIC

my fussy chihuahua X pom eats it, AND he may even have lost a bit of his man-opausal weight!

4 month ago

Mill Park | VIC

My dog Olly is really fussy when it comes to dry food would like to sample this to see if he likes it.

4 month ago

Tea Tree Gully | SA

I have not tried Optimum as yet but would love some samples to test on my fussy eaters.

5 month ago

Risdon Vale | TAS

My little dog loves the Optium brand wet

5 month ago

| SA

Would love my dog to try this as he very fussy

12 day ago

Wheeler Heights | NSW

I have a 3 year old Kelpie Shepherd and she loves the Optimum.

19 day ago

morgan st, Botany NSW | NSW

I have two dogs and would love to see if Optimum is right for them.

24 day ago

montrose, tasmania | TAS

i have 2 dogs who would love to try a new product

27 day ago

Springvale South | VIC

My puppy is a large breed and is filling out well with the optimum, She also seems to love it!

29 day ago


I usually my dog food at the pet store because it is high in meat content. I watch Bondi Vet and feel that Dr Chris would not lie about a product that he is endorsing. I would like to try it and see if my dog likes it and maintains his weight

29 day ago

Jacqueline Karen
Gold Coast | QLD

Have not used this brand and would be good to see if my puppy likes it

2 month ago

ballajura | WA

i havent tried this yet as my dog is very fussy and he is only small would love to try it

2 month ago

Higgins ACT 2615 | ACT

i have heard how good this product is and would like to have a sample as i am a pensioner and would like to try before isp end so much.

2 month ago

Hervey Bay | QLD

Our Lab liked this product about the same as she liked Dog pro and Super coat. But she definably liked it more than lucky dog, goodo or another brand I bought at the Pet store. Also it didn`t give her constipation like the pet store one did.

3 month ago

slacks creek | QLD

my dogs would love to try this.I would love to receive a sample first though so I can see if my dogs like it.

3 month ago

Grafton | NSW

I have two fussy boys and always looking for new products that are good for them and I think they would like to try it.

4 month ago

Toowoomba | QLD

I have two dogs and they are very fussy about what they eat. I have been trying to find a product that would suit them. I would love to try them on it.

4 month ago

Kingswood | NSW

My German Shepherd loves Optimum adult along with some fresh meat.

4 month ago

Pascoe Vale | VIC

My Kitties haven`t actually tried these, however I`d love them to try them. I`m very particular in providing the best of nutrition to them; so if Dr. Chris is advertising them; I`ll definitely try them.

5 month ago

berri | SA

optimum is good my dog love them recomend to all pet owners,you can get the right mixture for all dog sizes and types and very healthy for your pets

3 year ago  1 Likes

Seacliff | SA

If it`s recommended by Dr Chris then I would be happy to try it :)

16 day ago

Eatons Hill | QLD

My husky is a fussy eater at times and when I tried Optimum he loved it. I also have a Border Collie, so both are active dogs and did well on this product. There are different choices for the type and size of dog you have.

20 day ago  1 Likes

jilliby | NSW

Our family has 4 dogs who would love to try these optimum biscuits

24 day ago


I have to staffies who would love to try this

28 day ago

Pooraka | SA

My lab loves Optimum, we have tried lots of different products and he gives this one the paws up

29 day ago

kerrie anne
Lawnton Qld 4501 | QLD

My puppy is 2 years old she is a pure english staffy she is a bloody fussy eater but likes us to cook her meats . I havent tried maybe i may win this one for her

29 day ago

Catalina | NSW

Gives our dog a healthy coat. She loves it, And its reasonably priced. Mich better than some of the cheaper brands.

2 month ago  1 Likes

mooroolbark | VIC

I have 2 puppies they are 12 months old they are very fussy eaters I would like to try the optimum dog food with them thank you

2 month ago

salisbury north | SA

i would give anything that makes my babies stay healthy

2 month ago

Newcastle | NSW

this is a great product, my little dog loves it and she is very fussy with what she eats

3 month ago

Sheidow Park | SA

my dog is an older dog and he was rapidly gaining weight. unbeknownst to us, when we took him for his check-up, the vet informed us that the combination of his wet food (mince) and his dry food was making him lethargic and fat. 3 weeks on the optimum for older dogs (the red packet with the dog lying down) he has lost 3 kg and is a totally different dog. i highly recommend both the dry and wet food and will never go back!

3 month ago  1 Likes

North Haven | NSW

My pooch would love to taste this he is very hungry :)

4 month ago


Please can I have a sample, I have 2 dogs my girl is a staffy, 7 yrs old and had one litter of 8 pups last year, and her beautiful coat has become dull. My boy is a 2.5yrs old Rottweiler and would feel rejected if he couldn`t trial OPTIMUM also ;-) TY

4 month ago

windale | NSW

I have 2 shepherds and feed another premium quality but cheaper brand. Would like to try Optimum if the dogs liked it and their digestive system showed that it was keeping them healthy I would change brands. I got my beauties from a pet shelter and changed to my current brand because what they ad been fed was showing to be not healthy for them via their stools s I would definitely step up if I thought this brand was better.

4 month ago

Beulah Park | SA

My labradoodle loves these crunchies! They also soften well with a little warm water.

5 month ago

MT Pritchard | NSW

My dog could live of this alone,but they do like treats aswell

3 year ago  1 Likes